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Youth At Risk

One of the targeted populations within the stated goal is youth at-risk. This label- given by various authorities (psychologists, educators, and sociologists) - refers to vulnerable adolescents from all socio-economic backgrounds for whom normal family life has been disrupted, and lack sufficient parental or adult interaction.

For these young people, the educational system takes on a special significance. Therefore, it is especially crucial to create educational opportunities to widen access towards education. These children must integrate into schools and training programs as quickly and as fully as possible, so they could have multiple opportunities for meaningful learning experiences.




Among the main issues in the training course are:

- Programs designed to implement the compulsory education law for detached youth who are not integrated into formal educational  frameworks, including special programs for youth in protective institutions and prisons

- Latest concepts, methods, and tools for educational staff training

- The development of social skills, practical skills and leadership

- Model of the Pluralistic Identity

- Science and Technology Projects as a Tool for Educational Insertion

- Complementary education for school-excluded youth: An Evaluation Study – "From Exclusion to Inclusion”

- Improving awareness in teachers of disadvantaged students

- Correlation between cultural gaps and learning perseverance level

- The influence of achievement, motivation and aspiration on learning processes

- Prevention of violent behavior among school students through the advancement of youth programs

- Education to prevent use of drugs and alcohol

- Sexual education