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Education for Sustainable Development

This program seeks to foster educators and community members who think and practice in terms of sustainability in their own lives and in their educational practice. These are the people who will make possible the assimilation of the subject within the different educational frameworks. Programs include issues such as: Understanding of multi- and interdisciplinary thinking and actions to find solutions for complex environmental and social problems; fostering environmental literacy and social action based on sensitivity towards the weak; development of initiative; communal leadership and involvement.

The program is in accord with international and Israeli educational policies (according to the 2009 statement of UNESCO).

Among the main issues in the training course are:

- Developing  self-identity and values reflecting the worldview of the teacher as an educator for sustainability

- Imparting of knowledge and information on current environmental, social and economic issues and the relationship between them

- Developing of creative and flexible methods of thinking that will enable the identification of environmental and social problems and their solutions.

- Introducing, understanding and practicing  integrative approaches to educational planning, through the creation of curricula combinations around a common principle – sustainability and sustainable development

- Developing of professional and pedagogical skills

- Developing entrepreneurship and good citizenship, social and environmental leadership