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Curriculum Development

The transfer of the focus of instructional planning, otherwise known as "Curriculum Planning", from a centralized system to that of a local school signifies an important principle in the response of the educational system to the wide range of developments and social, technological and economic changes that characterize the end of the 21th century.

This course is designed to introduce educators who have an interest in and responsibility for curriculum theory and development, to a broad range of perspectives that guide the work of curriculum deliberation and practice. A major aim of the course is to raise questions about and uncover some of the workings in schools as well as to consider the possibilities for revitalizing curricular/educational visions that can flow from interpretive, critical, and postmodern perspectives.

Among the main issues in the training course are:

- Developing of professional knowledge and consulting patterns

- Developing effective pedagogy

- Embracing the 21st-century skills

- Moving from disciplinary to interdisciplinary teaching

- Learning evaluation methods

- Developing School-based curriculum 

- Getting to know school subjects and curriculum change

- Teaching and learning in a community of thinking

- Considering the curriculum in inclusive classrooms

- Taking into account cultural diversity in the curriculum