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First week – Getting to Know the Framework of the Israeli Model

The participants had an intensive week full of lectures. These lectures dealt with all the relevant information they needed to better understand the Israeli anti-drug strategy.

The participants met Mr. Yair Geller, Director General of the Israel Anti- Drug Authority, who presented his organization. This was the participants' first encounter and it was an honor to have him opening the training course.


For the first time, we included in our first week a lecture by the International Relation Division. This was a change, not only in the program but in the way we look at our participants and the training course. Ms. Ruth El-Roy, Head, and Ms. Sonia Hizi, Consultant, of the International Relations Division presented the existing partnerships, the international framework of the authority and the options for joint collaboration.



We also enjoyed the lecture given by Ms. Eti Kahana, Adv., Head, Law Enforcement and Legislation Division. She went through the legal framework for the war against drugs in Israel. This lecture, dealing with law enforcement, gave the participants an understanding of the legal support the authority enjoys.



Finally, last Thursday we met with two lecturers from the Israel Anti- Drug AuthorityDr. Yossi Harel-Fisch, Chief Scientist and Dr. Haim Mell, Head of the Treatment and Rehabilitation Division. These two lectures closed the series of lectures that dealt with the “infrastructure”. From one perspective, Dr. Harel-Fisch lectured about policy trends and where science and prevention meet, whilst Dr. Mell lectured on the Israelis’ approaches to treatment and rehabilitation in Israel.

I think we are now ready to start our journey and enter the field, meet those who deal with various topics and take a closer look at the Israeli model in practice.