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The Community Division and their Different Approaches – IADA

This division engages with populations within the various sectors of the Israeli society and collaborates with institutions, offices and organization at all levels. Click Here  for the community division at IADA website.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about the three main encounters through which our participants experienced the work of this division: “Community Day in Holon”, “Parents Patrol - Jerusalem” and “Arab Sector - North”.

These three encounters were very enriching for the participants since they were provided with the opportunity to experience several different types of activities that, in some cases, may be relevant to them and the challenges they face in both an alternative and holistic way.

The “Community Day in Holon” was very exciting. We had a full day to see how this division works in full cooperation with the Municipality. During this day we had the opportunity to meet the Mayor Motti Sasson, who expressed his concern about the challenges we as society have to confront. In the morning we were received by Smadar Ben Aharon, Assistant Mayor and Director of the program “City without Violence” in Holon, from the Municipality, who explained to us the way they work in Holon and how they engage with the different target populations in the city. We then visited the Holon’s Addiction Treatment Unit where the staff of the Unit presented their work. Finally, we met the youngsters of Holon during a peer seminar for middle school students which was organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Education.

The “Parents Patrol” is part of the IADA activities and it operates at the a national level. This program is coordinated with the local authorities in each city.

It integrates the community in municipal activities through volunteering. Parents volunteer to patrol a few times a week during the evening and night hours. The patrol focuses on central youth leisure areas acting as a "responsible adult" while identifying and preventing loitering, vandalism, alcohol abuse and violence. The volunteer parents receive designated clothes and undergo training. They patrol the streets over the weekends and holidays. This program is run in cooperation with the Community Division of the Israel Police. By integrating the community in enforcement activities, the enforcement forum and municipal decisions, the program successfully creates change using these unique representatives. Its effects include greater involvement and cooperation in law enforcement in the community, creation of meaningful adult alternatives to official enforcement authorities, strengthening of parental authority as well as minimization of alcohol abuse and violence. [1]

Visits to the different institutions within the  Arab Sector . The Arab sector is an integral part of the Israeli society and there has to be a culturally comprehensive approach because of the cultural gap. There are  culturally sensitive intervention programs  for preventing substance use among immigrants from the former Soviet Union, Ethiopia as well as for the Arab sector population. The programs are aimed at youth and parents.


The participants will visit several centers that treats addicts and youth at risk dealing with these challenges. One of these is "Mountain View" residence - a framework for Arab youth delinquents - Youth Protection Authority. In addition,  Dr. Wallid Hadad, Arab Sector of IADA,  will lecture on “Sensitive cultural treatment and the uniqueness of working with the Arab sector”.

All the activities related to the community division were coordinated with  Ms. Suzan Ben-Ezra, Director of Programs, Community Development Division, IADA  who is responsible for carrying out all these activities. Thank you very much Suzan.


[1] “City without Violence” Program http://www.cwv.gov.il/Documents/CWV_innovation15.pdf