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A Closer Llook at the Israeli Strategy - Second Week

During the second week we got a closer look at the Israeli approach to the war against drugs which involves integrating various sectors of the population.

We met with Ms. Iris Florentine, Director of Addictions Treatment Services, Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services. This was a great opportunity to experience the collaboration between various ministries and gain a better understanding of the care this Ministry takes of the people affected by these challenges.

We also visited the city of Holon and we were received by the Mayor, Motti Sasson and his staff. (Click here to see some pictures). It was a wonderful day, and it was all about community. A big thank you to the Municipality of Holon and the Community Division at IADA. (Click here to read more about the community division during the training course)

We also enjoyed an interesting day at the center dealing with education. We started this day with Ms. Orit Shapiro, Head of the Prevention and Education Division, IADA. It was a day full of lectures which covered the different aspects of this subject and again we had the opportunity to see how various governmental organs and ministers work together: IADA, Ministry of Education, Psychological Counseling Service of the MOE and the Student Council.

Mag. Michey Arieli, Director of Enforcement and Inspection Division, Ministry of Health Israel, lectured about Pharmaceutical Crime. It was an exciting lecture relating to enforcement, treatment, and research. On the same day, we enjoyed a lecture given by Ms. Iris Yogev, Head, Planning and Control Division, IADA who explained to us all about The Israeli Anti-Alcohol Abuse Strategy and Plan of Action.

Thursday was a long day. During the morning we visited the Drugs Detection Center at Ben Gurion International Airport, which gave us a closer look at enforcement at the field level, and at night we joined the Parent Patrol in the Jerusalem Center. This project belongs to IADA and it is being implemented in several cities.

As you can see, during the last week we examined various topics and approaches utilized within the Israeli strategy in the war against drugs. Next week we will be in the north of Israel.

We want to thank all the people who opened their doors or came to our center to share their knowledge and experience.