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Symposium on Educational Challenges in Science, Technology and ICT

November 11, 2012  -  November 15, 2012

The world we have created is a product of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking."
   Albert Einstein


The Educational systems in the world are currently in the midst of a paradigm change- from an arbitrary system to one that is based on professional ethics standards and quality levels. This change requires the integration of a new set of skills, the 21 st century skills, in the educational curriculum in order to make it relevant to the new social environment.

Adjusting the education system to the 21 st century is a significant step whose aim is to establish an innovative pedagogy in the school, one that will implement information and communication technology as an integral part of the curriculum.

This pedagogy is in fact a flexible educational structure that is adjusted to social-cultural, economical and technological processes of change. The pedagogy is tailored and adjusted to the diversity of the students, diminishing the partitions between the schools and the outside world, while using technology in order to promote the educational processes in the pedagogical level as well as the managerial level. The education of science and technology, and specifically the science and technology teachers, has a prominent role in the development of the very core of the student’s knowledge and skills.

The renewed educational field has led governments, international organizations (such as OECD, UNESCO and others), academic and professional organizations, and science and technology personnel to the understanding that education of science and technology is of the highest importance as it leads to the development of the human resource.

The aim of the symposium was to create a dialogue between the participants on the topic of new educational fields in science and technology while implementing ICT, as well as to expose Israel’s activities in these fields in order to promote a relationship and develop co-operation between experts from developing countries and international organizations with their counter parts in Israel. These targets were reached due to the assistance and guidance of Dr. Edem Adubra from the Teachers Task Force for EFA.   

The participants were exposed to educational initiatives, and an innovative pedagogy in education for science and technology and ICT. In addition, there was an attempt to address questions of consolidation of international standards, and establish connections between the country’s authorities and decision makers and the professional knowledge and research centers .


    The symposiums’ schedule was rich and diverse and included, among other things:

Lectures from high level personnel from the Ministry of Education and experts in the field, such as: 

- Ms. Dalit Stauber, General Director, Israel Ministry of Education

- Dr. Ofer Rimon, Director, Science and Technology Administration, Israel Ministry of Education

- Mr. Roni Dayan, Head of ICT Applications in Education Wing, Israel Ministry of Education 

- Dr. Abrum Rotem , ICT Program Advisor, Israel Ministry of Education

- Mr. Gershon Cohen, Head of Technology Field, Israel Ministry of Education

- Dr. Henrieta Ackerman, National Inspector, Science and Technology Administration, Israel Ministry of Education

- Prof. Yoav Yair, Dean of Development and Learning Technologies, the Open University of Israel

- Dr. Eli Eisenberg , Senior Deputy Director General, Head of R&D and Training administration – ORT Israel 

- Dr. Ronit Ashkenazi, Deputy General Director and Head of the Pedagogical Division, Amal School- Net

- Dr. Zahava Scherz, Director of the National Teacher Center for Science & Technology for JHS Department of science Teaching Weizmann Institute of Science

- Ms. Maya Halevy , Director, Bloomfield Science Museum of Jerusalem

- Mr. Yaachov Hecht , Visionary in Democratic Education
- Mr. Omri Gefen , Chairman of GEVIM Group

- Dr. Oved Kedem, Educational Projects Director, Davidson Institute of Science Education at the Weizmann Institute of Science

- Special Keynote Speaker, Mr. Marc Prensky, Digital Expert, USA 

Special thanks should be given to Prof. Dan Shechtman , Nobel Prize achiever in Chemistry, 2011, The Technion, for his inspiring words and willingness to take part in the symposium and contribute his experience and expertise.

The representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

- Ambassador Daniel Carmon, Director of MASHAV – Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation

- Ambassador Efraim Ben Matityahu

- Mr. Ilan Fluss, Director, Policy Planning & External Relations Department-MASHAV

The symposium participants included Vice Ministers and CEO’S from the Ministry of Education, Consultants, and Directors of Academic Institutions from 17 countries: Ghana, Kenya, Myanmar, India, Georgia, Thailand, Nepal, Costa Rica, Panama, Paraguay, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Namibia, Jamaica, Franca, Guatemala and Ethiopia.

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