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A new training course on ESD begins today

A new training course begins today as part of a bilateral collaboration between The Kenyan Ministry of Education and MASHAV. We, at the Ofri Center are very proud to receive a new group of educators coming from Kenya with the only objective of learning and sharing in order to improve the educational system in their country.

This is not the first group that arrives to the center and with every group we learn more about what are their needs and the subject that worth to be shared. This is a long way that we started some years ago in collaboration with the David Yellin Academic College of Education and with their support and partnership we are succeeding to share the best of the Israeli experience.

 Meeting each year a new group of educators coming to Israel to learn about Education for Sustainable Development strength our deep believe that this subject will enhance the youth in Kenya as it does in Israel thanks to the values and ideas of it.

This year we will focus in two topics that are more than relevant to successfully embrace the meaning of Education for Sustainable Development: Documentation and Entrepreneurship.
Regarding the first topic, during this training course we will invest time in the importance of it and the different ways educators may implement to do it. It is not about “ME” but “WE”; it about sharing and inspiring others, it is about sharing best practices and “success stories”.  “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” this values and ideas are the base of this learning experience.

Embracing the principles of Entrepreneurship will only potentiate the identity of our communities and schools through putting into practice good ideas. Leadership, Creativity, Problem Solving, Innovative Thinking are only some of these principles. During this training course the participants will discover these principles which provide a different approach when going back home.  

There is not much more to be said but much to be done. So today we start a new training course, a new learning experience which will enrich us all.