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More activities, more learning, more experiences

On Wednesday we left Ma’ale Hachemisha and we were back to home sweet home at Ramat Rachel. After breakfast there was a group session with Damian who answered the many questions the group members had on the different things they had observed on Israeli culture and traditions that puzzled them.

Then we met our wonderful teacher Ms. Ruth Bar Sinai. The session was like a visit to a dream school for a child since everything was taught through play. The session was filled with laughter as the learning process continued as it should be in any learning process. In the different activities there was collaboration and competition which led to the term Collapetition which was the topic of the session. Everybody wanted the lesson to go on but we had more to do ahead.


The afternoon session was just as exciting as the group took a “flight” to Japan and Scotland on a global tour of social change via the education system. The “pilot” for this journey was Captain Ran Levi-Yamamori. In Toyooka valley in Japan the group learnt how a group of students became agents of change by taking more than casual interest in the environmental problems in their community. It started with a stork and ended with the stork delivering a baby which was environmental restoration and conservation. In Scotland the agent of change was the family unit where one family was championing the rights of aquatic life through art and music successfully. In the afternoon by the stroke of his magic brush Mr. Ran Levi-Yamamori turned all the members into Picassos. He guided the group in drawing and painting items collected from nature and group members were surprised that they could be such good artists. Some are even considering selling their pieces at art galleries! 


On Thursday we had a visit to Ein Karem Agricultural High School, an experimental one. This is a school which relies on Project Based Learning approach to teach the students. The students learn also a lot about agricultural, leading to the school to be known as a centre for agricultural learning. An element of entrepreneurship is also in the projects as the school also manufactures spa and cosmetics products using plants from their greenhouse. This is done by students in collaboration with adults who have autism under the guidance of the teachers. The highlights of the visit were the talk we had about the school with a student called Carmel and the gift from the spa products shop from the Headmistress Ms Tzipi Yedida.


In the afternoon we “went to a café” owned by Damian known as the ‘Café Dilema’. Damian doubled up as the waiter with the menu below:



Education as a means for development

First course

Learning from theory and practice

Main course

Education and Technology


Problem solving


The “food” was very good making members to linger on each course such that no group completed the whole course and had to ‘take away’ the remaining courses. In the middle of the meal the MASHAV family went for a group photo to show how they were well fed on ESD!

Friday was a magical day with the “Chief Magician” Dr. Oved Kedem. He used unorthodox means to show how sciences could be taught to catch and maintain the interest of the student. The looks of surprise on members’ faces as he taught science were priceless. He made many members wish that they were science teachers, only to use his teaching methods. The magical day ended at midday to usher in the Shabbat preparations. Let the weekend begin yippeee! Shabbat Shalom

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