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The Golden Girls Foundation

Project Name

The Golden Girls Foundation

What did you try to solve

-The girls were not attending class regularly and as a result were performing very poorly in class.

-The transition of girls from primary school to secondary school was very low as a result of pregnancies and early marriage.

-The economic situation of families are mostly left to mothers who have many children and no source of income as a result they are overburdened and frustrated not prioritizing their kids education thus creating a poverty cycle.

Goals of the Project

-To set up mechanisms to support every school going girl to successfully complete their education and link them with opportunities to further their development.

-To accord all women the opportunity to access sustainable development technologies to enhance their family livelihoods and ensure their kids complete schooling.

-To build the capacity of the schools and their management committees to ensure the schools play their rightful role as driver to the sustainable development of the communities.

What is the solution?

In 2010, after attending a Prize giving day in a school near my home with the girls performing very poorly, I had a session with them and we agreed that they could improve in their studies.:

- if we talked to their mothers to give them more time to study

- if we talked to the teachers to create a conducive environment for them

-if we addressed their menses management

-if we got them proper school uniforms

We formed girl clubs and moms clubs and had sessions with their mothers to volunteer to be mentors to the girls and held discussions with the school management to be sensitive to the girls’ situations, and appealed to well-wishers to provide uniforms and sanitary towels. By the end of the year, all the 7 girls in 8th grade successfully completed their primary school. Out of the 5 subjects they attempt in Kenya Certificate of Primary Education Exam, the girls topped in 4 of the subjects. It was a record. Subsequently most parents brought their kids to this particular school and the school was overcrowded, the kids had to cover long distances to attend this particular school! 1 year later, due to community pressure ,we subsequently extended to two other schools and Golden Girls Foundation was registered in 2011 as a nonpolitical, nonprofit organization under the laws of the republic of Kenya with the aim at empowering the girl child and women towards creating a socio economically stable society. The Foundation head office is located at Masogo, a rural shopping centre 40 kilometers to the North East of the Kisumu city.

Plan of action

-Have an open discussion with the girls and form girl clubs

-Have a meeting with their mothers and form moms clubs and also act as mentors to the girls

-Have a session with the School Management Committee.

-Engage the girls, mothers and School to come up with ways to successfully retain the girls in school.

-Address the Menses Management Challenges and avail new school uniforms for girls whose parents cannot provide

Who was involved in the process?


-The School Staff

-The School Management Board

-The Girls


-Well wishers


-Education officers


-The initial difficulty in engaging the mothers on a voluntary basis is no longer a challenge.

-The girls love the club activities and always try to attend all the club sessions.

-The women whose self esteem was low are now more confident.

-The rate of girls transition from Primary School to Secondary School is much higher.

-The mothers are engaging in other income generating activities that enable them to sustain their families.

-The women are more happier as they have a forum to discuss issues affecting them every alternate Friday at the Golden Girls Foundation Center

Situation of Project at the moment

-We have a Girls and Women Empowerment Center that brings all the women and kids at Masogo zone together.

-More than 60 women are voluntarily engaged in the Voluntary Programs including mentor ship.

-The Program is currently in 4 primary schools and 2 secondary schools with a long list of other schools wanting to be included.

-We have partnered with other organizations to support our initiatives

-More well wishers support our uniform program

-We are involved in more programs eg. the Lights program

-The girls, the mothers and the schools have come together to form income generating activities in the schools.

-More than 300 girls and women have access to Ruby Cups (Menses Cups)

-The mothers are now mentoring the girls in the community.

- The women meet weekly for Voluntary Savings & Loaning

-The women and their families are covered under the National Hospital Insurance Fund.

-150+ girls have benefited from the Golden Girls Foundation "New School Uniforms for School Going Girls Campaign"

-2000+ Girls have benefited from the Golden Girls Foundation "Knickers and Bra Campaign for School going girls"


About the Project Developer 

First Name


Last Name



golda@goldengirlsfoundation.org  /  http://goldengirlsfoundation.org/



Job Position

CEO and Founder

Tell us about yourself

I live in Kisumu with my husband and 2 children. I have been teaching Accountancy in several campuses in Kenya including Kenyatta University, Maseno University, Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Kenya College of Accountancy among others, currently I am a part[time lecturer at The University of Nairobi Kisumu Campus.