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A very exiting Day at David Yellin College

Amazing.....! How Earth has given us so much yet we take it for granted. Daphna Yalon of David Yellin Education College helped the team to understand the sentimental connection one gets in a simple earth house, the beauty of a magnificent well sculptured rock town house and the multiple utility of products of the Earth (medicinal values, provision of food and water which is life).


The walk through her Art Gallery was such an eye opener



The practical experience with different types of soil was quite thrilling! Members laughed, played and sang, this showed how learning can be exciting for learners. Some made a wall while others made bricks.You can like us on the following photos....wow! 



In the Afternoon we had a session with Dani Fradkin Alias -Shivachi who had visited Matende primary School in Kakamega-Kenya. Dani is an expert in turning "waste" to useful things. For example, reclaiming land and harvesting of rainwater: “Hands on” studies. If you visited David Yellin between 4 and 6pm.......... The team had been turned into creators and innovators of shoes, creams, fabrics, carpentry and herbalists. In one hours time products were ready for sale and the apprentices were rearing to go on.




Finally we brought our bench back home with one nail hanging out for the most disliked person to sit on.


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