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The School Chess Minder

Project Name

The School Chess Minder

What did you try to solve

Chess is often considered a game for the rich or for those who are considered academically gifted by the society. Most public schools have no Chess clubs and as such most tournaments are dominated by private schools. At Alliance High a public school the club had been inactive for a long time. This was partly due to lack of boards and invested time by the club patrons.

Goals of the Project

1. To make chess an integral part of public school activities.

2. To develop mental skills of learners through chess

3. To make chess a social platform for connecting the youth.

What was the solution?

I took more than just a casual interest in the clubs activities and would sit through the weekly club meetings. This made the boys to be more active and we put together action plans to make the club more interesting. I made contact with organizations and persons interested in chess and this saw a lot of help coming in, in cash and kind.

Plan of action

To have as many tournaments as possible within and out of the school. The club also plans to organize chess clinics to neighboring schools in order for them to establish their own chess clubs.

Who was involved in the process?

1. Internally: AHS chess club members, games department, School administration and Old Boys Club

2. Externally: Chess Kenya, Nairobi Westlands Chess Club


11 chess boards: six bought by the school and six donated by chess Kenya

Registration fees paid by the school and by well wishers

Support from the Kasparov Foundation – www.kasparovchessfoundation.org


The club has brought together boys from different forms (grades) and ages. The discovery that even those who are not top of their class can be good at the game has made those who were shying off to join in playing. The boys teach each other as they compete with each other and this makes it to be fun learning process. Apart from linking the club with other parties I have little more involvement in the club and I have seen how the boys can organize activities on their own quite well.

Situation of Project at the moment

The club has become more active and more students are showing interest in the game. The club has organized inter-class and inter-house contests. This year the club saw the inclusion of Chess in the Bush tournament which brings many schools together to compete in different sports and in June Alliance High is set to host the first national chess championship in the school calendar.


About the Project Developer 

First Name


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Job Position

Teacher and Patron Chess Club at Alliance High

Tell us about yourself

I live in Kiambu county with my son Nathan. I have been teaching Math and Chemistry for the past 13 years in high school. The interest in my students goes beyond the class room as I also engaged them in extracurricular activities. It is In this light that I am the Chess patron at Alliance High School.