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“Youth At-Risk: Preventing Student Dropouts and Facilitating Reintegration”

In the last 12th of May, almost a week ago, the “Youth At-Risk: Preventing Student Dropouts and Facilitating Reintegration” training course has began. This training course has brought to Israel, educators that work in a variety of topics in Education field, from 15 different countries.

This first week, was very intense and interesting for the participants. In this week, the participants were part of sessions that introduced the program of the training course and its context, and sessions that gave them the opportunity to meet their colleagues and started to bond with them. This intense week also included different lectures that gave to the participants all the relevant information about Israel and its Education System, and introduced the Youth at Risk framework in Israel to them.


In this context, the participants met Dr. Ilan Shemesh, of the National Youth Advancement department in the  Ministry of Education who presented an introduction and general overview of the Youth at Risk approach in the Ministry of Education in Israel.  After this encounter, the participant met Ms. Riki Moreno, who works in the "Hila Program", that is a National Project for Youth who Drop Out of School that was developed by the National Youth Advancement department in the Ministry of Education. This program works with youth who drop out of school and try to give them different frameworks that will help and allowed them to finish different levels of formal education. In the last encounter of this week, the participants met Dr. Talal Dolev, from the Ministry of Welfare & Social Services, who presented a detailed view of the the National Program for Children and Youth at Risk in the Ministry, that aims to minimize the risk situation in youth life through a Multidisciplinary effort between different Ministries.  

After this wide introduction to the Youth at Risk field in the educational context, we believed that the participants were ready to start their professional visits to the field, and begin to know the different people that work and participate in the process of dealing with the youth defines as “Youth at Risk” in Israeli Educational System.

So, without further delay, the participants had their first professional visit:we visit the Secondary School “Givat Gonen” in Jerusalem. During this visit, the participant were kindly received by the school educational staff, that  gaveus a very unique and insightful perspective on the school context, challenges,  programs and models, that combines conventional education, unique educational approaches and Youth at Risk supporting programs. In this unique school, we visit different classes that give us an example of different ways of interaction between students and teacher.


I believe that we are just at the beginning of our journey. Now, after this intense first week, we are ready to dive deep into the Youth at Risk Educational field in Israel to know it better and learn from it,  we are ready to visit the different schools and organizations that are part of this field and learn from their action and experience, and we are ready to meet the people that activate and take part of this unique field.

Ariel Cegla

Coordinator of the “Youth At-Risk: Preventing Student Dropouts and Facilitating Reintegration” Training Course.