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ESD Toilets

Project Name

ESD Toilets

What did you try to solve

The school’s main challenge had been toilets that had been posing health hazards to learners, teachers and the community. In fact, at one time in the year 2012 the District Health Officer threatened to close down the school.

Goals of the Project

Sensitized pupils, teachers, board of management members and then the rest of the parents on how to use locally available materials to construct toilets.

What was the solution?

Construct toilets using the locally available materials and using the existing resources.

Plan of action

Three workshops to the teachers staff, learners and parents with the objective of sensitizing and presenting the challenge.

2-3 months later we start building. At the beginning people did not believe it could happen.

The materials came from the area where the school is located. The stone were collected from the school and surrounds. The parents started to dig the holes and the learners help with the collection and construction of the toilets.

The only thing we bought was cement and the only people who were paid were locals who did the base of the toilet.

The second step was to connect to people who will take the wastage. The wastage from the sewage is used as fertilizer for the school garden whereby we grow maize and beans. This has enabled us to support the feeding program in the school for teachers, standard seven and eight students and ECD pupil’s snacks.

The school garden was created in the area where we took the stones.

Who was involved in the process?

Community, parents, students, teachers and some workers for technical support.


Cement and the technical support. Iron sheets for the roof.


I am very proud of my school is used as an example. The only suggestion I have is, DO IT, it is possible.

Situation of Project at the moment

Two toilets with six doors. Working on the third one.


About the Project Developer 

First Name


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Job Position

Head- Teacher at St. Gabriel Emuhuni Primary

Tell us about yourself

Since 2003 I am a head-teacher. I arrived at this school in 2007. Last June 2013, I attended the ESD seminar at Kisumu. This was the starting point to develop this project. I am a bachelor degree in education and a teacher on English language.