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This story is about a small school situated in the leafy suburbs of Spring Valley, I first laid eyes on it in 2007 when I was posted there, at the time it was a dilapidated institution in need of a facelift. It was definitely a contrast to the surroundings that it was situated. The classes had collapsed roofs and ceilings, the sanitary facilities were wanting and the general environment within the school needed to be resuscitated. The performance of the school was also at an all time decline and I attributed this to the general state of the institution.


A hasty and concerted rehabilitation effort was required and I began sending a couple of proposals to renowned companies that I thought would have the resources and programs in place through their corporate social responsibility efforts.


There were many challenges: Retention of the kids in school and to improve enrollment, Improve the quality of learning, etc.


During the same year we were lucky to get a positive reply from Kenya Airways who gave us the funds for the much needed rehabilitation of the classrooms and the offices, this sponsorship lasted until 2009.


Like the answer to the many prayers we had been having as a school we got another sponsor who helped us by providing the school with a greenhouse would help the school grow their own food and establish a feeding program and any excess would be sold to subsidize the schools heavy budgetary needs. The school caters for the low income earners who come from nearby villages and slums, these pupils sometimes come to school without having fed well, or would survive on maybe one meal or two a day, for an active and growing child this was not enough, hence the need to subsidize the students meals and in this way increase enrollment and performance. The work was done by the student with the support of volunteers. They acquired some basic agriculture skills through hands on learning.


In the subsequent years we have managed to sustain our relationship with our pioneer sponsors and even increased the number of sponsors. Currently we have a “lunch program” that is run by FEEDTHECHILDREN(K).They helped us establish a kitchen and a school garden with a green house.

In the near future I will make some changes: more involvement of the parents and children. May be I will try to add some animals to the school for different purposes.


With the generous assistance from our many sponsors we have managed to improve morale in the school, increased enrolment every year.  The general attitude of the staff, parents and the students has become increasingly positive. This project really helped to improve their self-esteem. This is a very poor school and it became a platform to empower them.

The performance of the school since 2008 to date has greatly improved. Since then we have taken numerous students to high school. 5 of our former students have been admitted to The University in various fields in the current intake. This is a great improvement from where our little giant has to grown.

We are very grateful to the Almighty for the protection and blessing he has given us.


Joan Owaka

Head- teacher of FARASI LANE PRIMARY SCHOOL, Kenya


“I have a bachelor on psychology and I teach Science and English. I am passionate about teaching and that’s the reason I didn’t give up.”