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A very special day of professional visits

On Sunday June 1, 2014, we the MASHAV group of 2014 Youth at Risk had a professional visit to a “Warm House” center on the city of Elad. This visit was a very unique one because this Center caters for adolescent girls from religious backgrounds who find themselves mostly experiencing difficulties in adjusting to familial and community expectations.

The Center offers in a very unique way, opportunities for developing educational and vocational skills. The girls are also given the chance to work and to study at their own pace. They receive support services from counselors and social workers to assist in their personal, social, academic, and psychological development. They are given individual attention and the caregivers also work with them in small groups. 


The program runs for one year. It caters for a small number of girls to ensure more effective interaction with each girl for maximum results. On completion of the year, some girls sit the matriculation examinations. Some receive training through employment either at the Center or within business organizations and certification in vocational skills. Other girls go to the army.

Parents attend monthly meetings and are apprised on their children’s’ progress. They are also given the opportunity to develop more positive relationships with their children which were nonexistent before.

We were fascinated by the methodology being used by the staff of the center to bring out their full potential.  What stayed with us is the connectedness between the staff and the girls.

Later that day, we visited a café program funded by the Hewitt Packard (HP) global technological company. In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, with “Elem” NGO and the social welfare services in the city of Yehud, the café provides training in life and culinary skills and employment opportunities for Youth at Risk. The young people meet weekly with the Manager to discuss any issues.


The program operates annually after which the trainees can acquire certification which enables them to secure employment. Some of the youth go to the army. This program is unique in that a young person who has dropped out from school can go directly to the HP Company and after verification process can become part of the program.


The café caters solely for the 1200 employees of the HP Company. We had an opportunity to tour the facility and interact with the staff. The young people are very passionate about what they do. We had lunch at the café. The food was both healthy and delicious.
These two forms of methodology for Youth at Risk are intriguing. We extend our profound gratitude to all involved for sharing their knowledge and expertise. This gives us a new sense of awareness of how we can assist our youth who are at risk to maximize their true potential.

Patrick, Tikva, Alexandrina, and Carla