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First Step of Shamsa Mohammed - ESD WORKSHOP at GARISSA COUNTY

The workshop was held from the 2nd to 11th of June and aimed to improve the quality of education and develop the capacities of Head Teachers and Teachers in the region, who will subsequently empower the teachers in their own schools. It was at this workshop that Educationa for Sustainable  Development (ESD) formed one of the major components of the training.

The ESD component was facilitated by me, Shamsa Mohammed from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MOEST) and Salome Mbithi Mbithe from Kiatine Primary School in Makueni. Both of us were trained in Israel at the A.Ofri International Training Center of MSAHAV and mandated to train the ESD programs. We used new skills and knowledge learned in Israel. The topic was one of the best and well represented according to the participants evaluation.

There was a total of one hundred participants, mainly Head Teachers and Teachers of Garissa County. The participants were selected from fifty two educational institutions from Garissa County.

I had the opportunity to share what I learnt in Israel through practical lessons and experiments on Project Based Learning. Moreover I presented and sensitized the participants about my group project during the training course in Israel: “School Free Mosquito Zone”

Madam Salome Mbithi shared her experiences through a “hands on” activity on preparing soap detergents which is an activity carried out in her school. The detergent is made by her school’s entrepreneurship club which they sell to the teachers, parents and the entire school community. The proceeds from the sales are then used to buy pens, exercises books and other school needs for children from extremely poor backgrounds.


The participants were very impressed by the activities demonstrated to them. They promised to implement similar activities and projects in their respective schools to improve their school feeding programs, health and nutrition, environmental management, training their pupils on entrepreneurship skills and enhance community linkage. They also explored the advantages of inviting guest speakers to gain knowledge to both the learners and the teachers and create partnerships with NGOs, faith based organizations, banks, etc.


Shamsa Mohammed
Ministry of Education Science and Technology