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Neve Yehonatan Experimental Junior High, Ramla

May 12, 2015

“Neve Yehonatan” is an experimental junior high in the city of Ramla, a multi-cultural city located at the heart of Israel. We have a wonderful school of 340 students of all religious and ethnic communities and various walks of life. The school also has a great pedagogical staff of industrious teachers who work relentlessly to support and motivate our students.


Four years ago, we decided to embark on an adventure and started developing our own pedagogical experiment with the help of the Department of Experiments and Initiations in the Ministry of Education.

Our Ideology

We believe that the process of learning is a process in which a person paves his/her own path in the world while challenging the boundaries of his/her knowledge and his/her abilities in a variety of fields.

We believe that any person can do so successfully.

We believe that as teacher-coaches, it is our duty to support our students in this process in a way that will stimulate their motivation and their will to continue striving for self-discovery and achieving their goals and dreams.

It is our mission to guide the students, train them, be there with them and support them in the process in a safe environment, while drawing our inspiration from the values and the principles of the sports realm.

Our Vision

We believe that by implementing the values and the principles of the sports realm in everyday studies, we will be able to instill in our students (and ourselves) ambition, stamina, resilience, determination and motivation that will also serve us in the future.

The challenge facing any school staff is the wish to encourage students to invest time and effort in their studies, to raise their academic achievements and to deal with difficulties along the way.



Our Methods

In order to address our goals, we have developed a new perception of the teacher’s role stemming from the role of a coach. In accordance with this perception, we have developed various platforms in school to enable teachers and students to explore their inner motivation and develop it. Such developmental platforms include: The creation of a personal training booklet for teachers and students; the development of a 3 year course called “Training for Motivation”; changing our evaluation and testing system; the creation of youth leadership sports groups and the development of sports-like metaphorical language to enable the transference of the principles and values of the sports realm into teaching and learning in the classroom. In addition, this year we are experimenting with new forms of teaching-learning processes such as inter-disciplinary teaching, and a fractal model of teaching/learning. Last but not least, we believe it is high time that teachers clear the field for real players of the game of studying, i.e. the students. Hence, we have developed and designed various rooms that enable teachers to fulfill their roles as designers and supprters of the process of studying. Such rooms include our Career room, the Open Space Room and a Multi-Task Language Center.

We constantly dream and implement our dreams, and we are having a great time doing so.

Shelley Keren - Principal