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Second visit to David Yellin Educational Garden and Earth Based Arts

May 25, 2015

After the activities of the first week, we made a second thrilling visit to David Yellin Educational Garden and Earth Based Arts under the guidance of our able facilitator Yudith.  Here we learnt that we should connect with nature by appreciating and utilizing the materials nature has provided.  Every day learners experience new things when left to dialogue by touching and feeling, which enhances creativity and brings about the therapeutic process.

We were taken through a rigorous exercise trying to find out what money is. We later discovered that money creates relationships, behaviors and feelings among its users.

The exposure to the world of bees made us realize that in ESD we should let learners have hands-on activities in their learning process. We were surprised that bees can make friends with human beings and you can communicate with them. Where you give love you receive love.

Engagement Learning students are guided to discover through group learning, collaboration and open space. Education in the 21st Century has become so dynamic that learners need a flexible environment, learning culture, international content and a professional educator who will turn challenges into opportunities.

Education should not only be geared to preparation for the job market, but should develop ideas and skills that make one responsible for present and future.  Transformation in Education is achievable without breaking the law.

The visit to Afek Experimental School clearly illustrated that knowledge is not only achieved within the designed curriculum. Rather, it should entail learning beyond the curriculum walls.

The current trends in education should inculcate values other than evaluating   only the intellectual ability. In spiritual intelligence we need the 3QS = YOU.

We discovered that the greatest distance on earth is the 30 cm between the Head and the Heart.

We should assist learners to achieve greater fulfillment, find deeper meaning and purpose in what they are learning. The week ended with our discovery that disability is diverse abilities and that you are your own PRISONER. We should therefore live the solution instead of fighting the problem.