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June 05, 2015

This is the fourth week of my discovery journey in Israel both as an educator and a counselor. It’s now very clear in my mind that it is my business to address the issue of youth at risk if I wish for a functioning society. I need to facilitate them acquire basic and soft skills to get along in the society. We cannot ignore them as they have their worthy contribution too.

As surely said the difference between success and failure is the distant between the two. All of us have to strive to narrow this distance for every child. Three things edged on my mind and spirit as the week comes to a close;

i) The youth at risk are wearing a mask and the task of any strategy undertaken is to have the mask dropped. Are we up to the task, who will stand up to be counted?

ii) The bell ringing in my mind is the fact that as  an educationist of especially the youth at risk; I need to appreciate that the youth did exists before I came into “his/her picture” and will continue to exist after  me ,am a station in his or her life. The task at hand is to empower the youth enough for the next station of his/her life!

iii) Third mind blowing experience is the ORT GEULA high school and ASHALIM/JDC volunteering youth and the mentors. Wow! Who ever thought that a shared time between two extreme divides of society would be therapeutic to this magnitude! How does a 90 year old granny share quality  time  with a 17 year old? Learn from one another? Did I hear never? It is happening in Telaviv!!

Enough inspiration in my head, heart and spirit, Bravo MASHAV


By Wangui Lydia Chege, Kenya.