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On the 28.06 the participants of the "Curriculum Development"

After a week of trying to explain how the Israeli Ministry of Education deals with the Educational Curriculum, the participants visited a democratic school, a school where the Ministry’s curriculum is not the one “ruling,” in fact the students themselves have their own “voices.”


The participants were welcomed with a lecture by  Yaacov Hecht , an internationally distinguished leader and visionary in democratic education, learning theory, and societal change. After that Nimrod, a teacher and tutor at the school, together with some students, gave us a tour.


I can point out two principals that emphasize the uniqueness of the democratic school system:


·        From first grade, students choose what they are going to study as well as deciding whether or not they are going to enter the classroom on time, which results in much more responsible and mature grownups.

·        A Discipline Committee in which student and teachers discuss various issues that arise gives the students self confidence and develops communication skills.


These two ideas are revolutionary. They deal with the two main issues that arise at every school: scheduling and discipline. This stream of education is not easy, but who said education is simple?


But who is better to help us understand this stream than a true “believer?” The following link provides more information about Yaacov Hecht and Democratic Education. Click Here