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Social Matriculation Diploma

August 18, 2015

“A person fulfills his mission. The mission is not fulfilled solely by nice thoughts, but rather by nice actions. Not by good intentions, but by good deeds. And not once in a lifetime, but day after day, throughout his whole existence. A person fulfills his mission when it becomes the story of his life.” Asa Kasher.


Te'udat Bagrut is the official Israeli matriculation certificate attesting to graduation from high school. Bagrut is a prerequisite for higher education in Israel. A Bagrut certificate is awarded to students who pass the required written (and in some cases oral) examinations with a passing mark (56% or higher) in each exam. 


Volunteering has always been a requirement for high school students in Israel. However, last year, this requirement evolved with the Ministry of Education’s introduction of the Social Matriculation Certificate.

The Social Matriculation Certificate as a path of excellence is to plan long-term values of social maturity. The Certificate Graduates Deserved Grade Program is a pilot program nationwide with approximately 160 seniors in high school participating. The Social Matriculation Certificate will be awarded to graduates of the education system for social responsibility, civic and community service and contributing to society over the last three years of high school. The Department of Social Education is responsible for running the program in cooperation with the Pedagogical Secretariat, the Pedagogical and Religious Education Administration.

Do you want to know more about it? Here you have some material from the Ministry of Education in Israel about this Social Matriculation Certificate. Social Matriculation Diploma

*Special thanks to Amanda Keehn for the translation of the material

Professional Visit to the Instruction Center in Beer Sheva, 2015.

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