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Professional Development for In-Service Teachers - our training course has begun!!

November 29, 2015

On the 24th of November, 3 very interesting days ago, the “Professional Development for In-Service Teachers” training course began. This training course has brought to Israel educational leaders, policy makers, principals and head teachers, teachers and coordinators from 9 different countries! Participants from Nepal, Armenia, India, Nigeria, Colombia, Vietnam, Kenya, Myanmar and Uganda have come to Israel to discuss & see different models of education & development in these challenging and essential topic.

This first week is very intense and interesting. In this week, the participants were part of sessions that introduced the program of the training course and its context, and had sessions that gave them the opportunity to meet their colleagues and start to bond with them. This intense week also included different lectures that gave the participants all the relevant information about Israel and its Education System, and introduced the education framework in Israel to them.

This week also included our first professional visit to the unique
“Tali – Ramat Moria” school in Jerusalem, where we had the chance to see very different and interesting models of educational curricula and management, of inclusion of children with special needs and of interaction and cooperation with the community. In this visit, we also had the chance to have an enriching dialogue with Ms. Hadas Harel , the principal of the school, about the diverse challenges she face as a principal and about the different paths and models she implements to deal with those challenges. Thank you Hadas for sharing!!!

In this short week, we also had an encounter with Mr. Moti Rozner , the former director of the Teacher Development department in the Ministry of Education. On this encounter, Moti introduced the Israeli model of teacher’s development and the variety of methods & ways that are being used on this field in the Israeli context.

Finally, while I’m writing these lines, the participants are having a unique encounter with Mr. Ran Levy-Yamamory . An encounter that it is a kind of personal journey of reconnecting to the self, to the child inside each of us and to the creative power that we all have.

Now, after this intense first week, we are ready to dive deep into the field in Israel to see and learn about the different models and projects in this unique and essential area.

Looking forward to a great journey together!

Ariel Cegla - Course Coordinator