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Use of pre recorded audio curriculum lessons

Project Name

Use of pre recorded audio curriculum lessons

What did you try to solve

I tried to curb the lack of teachers, incompatible teachers and also to present a model lesson in front of the class. Even very good teachers found it very effective to use in the classroom. I have shared the lessons with thousands of teachers who are using this effectively. 
Even some teachers are using this for their voluntary classes for the education deprived children.

Goals of the Project

My aim is to provide quality education to all the children, even the deprived most children.

What was the solution?

I have recorded lessons on my laptop using audacity software. I made mp3 of the lessons after proper editing and using desired effects. Then i transfer these to my mobile and use a compatible small bluetooth speaker to play these lessons in front of the class. The speaker is having battery backup and can be recharged again and again. In this way, electricity is not a problem in using this format. 
This way i overcome the problem of less teachers and able to teach effectively.

Plan of action

As discussed above. After that one lesson is recorded in various formats as per requirements of the teacher and the taught, it is shared with other teachers using social media and internet.

Who was involved in the process?

I have done it myself and now other teachers have also came out to help in recording the lessons.


After lesson recording, and using your existing smartphone, only a bluetooth speaker is required that starts with a price range as low as Rs. 1500 INR.


Very practical for conducting good quality classroom even under difficult situations and even a class under a tree. Doesn't requires electricity, so u can start a class anywhere.

Situation of Project at the moment

It is very effective and i am and many other teachers are using it to enhance their teaching and learning.


About the Project Developer 

First Name


Last Name






Job Position

Working as elementary teacher in Government school of Chandigarh, India

Tell us about yourself

I joined Education department as teacher in 2004. Since then I always try to improvise teaching and learning technology. Try to resolve the things and problems i faced during teaching and also motivated other teachers to improvise their teaching strategies. 
I have won National Award for the use of ICT in education, awarded by Hon'ble President of INDIA on 5th September, 2015. 
I have written 8 books also to help the teachers and schools for improvisation in teaching and learning and school management.