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A new training course has begun

Last week we began a new training course for professionals in the field of Youth at Risk in collaboration with UNESCO. Every year we offer around 12 training courses in different areas related to education and social challenges. This is one of the most special ones, since it manages to gather professional from different fields in a single learning process.

We are now in our second week, and the participants already met representatives from the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Welfare and Social Services and from the academy. In the weeks to come they will meet representatives from the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Justice and local authorities, and will continue to meet with NGOs and special programs that contribute to make the situation of these youngster better.

All this, for what? The real question everyone is asking is not just to prevent dropout, but to generate "dropping in" and the answer is on the paragraph below. Both at policy and field level, people must collaborate in order to get this done. This is something I hope participants saw last week. These actors are working together with the only purpose of preventing dropout and to take care of the children and youngster we lose “on our way”.  

If we look for an answer at the field level, I believe the answers are also quite clear. Two words were repeated at every lecture and professional visit: Dialogue and Love. I believe that those are the bases of all the professionals working with youth at risk.

However, I also believe that most of our participants knew these answers. I think the real purpose of the training course is to see everything put into place, and the innovative practices put in place. As we always say, the training course is a fertile land in lab conditions, where thoughts and ideas could be shared and grow.

I hope this fertile land will flourish in the next weeks to come, and this can only happen if we continue to share. I congratulate the group on their first week, and I wish us best of luck in the next weeks. Enjoy, and Keep the good spirit!

Damian Filut
Deputy Director