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March 27, 2016

A wise man once said …... you don’t need someone to complete you; you only need someone to accept you completely. The AHAVA Boarding school encompasses this sentiment to the fullest as it is a place that completely accepts youth at risk in the community and provides a loving home for them. Located in the northern part of Israel, this boarding school was established to provide a haven for children and youth at risk. 

The intrigue of this boarding school is that of the wide range of serves that it provides starting with six year olds all the way up to over eighteen years of age. The focus then is to have these children and youth engage and learn social skills and life skills. The boarding school caters for a wide range of students which includes: a center for those who have reached 18 years and over but still find it necessary to stay, a day care for the very young children, an emergency center for children who experience sudden trauma in the middle of the night or at any other time but are faced with emergency situations, a hospitalization center for children and youth with special needs.

We are deeply fascinated by the way the structure of the program caters for the needs of every child and we learnt that if we truly and really care about ALL the children in the society then we will ensure that we provide for those who are not fortunate to have a warm and loving home.

Volunteering as an Education Tool for Youth at Risk- A Community House for Education

Geula High School is a school in Tel Aviv using volunteering as a tool to engage Youth at Risk. The program focuses on students who are not in the normative education system; these include children who have disabilities including hearing, learning, ADHD, children from low socio economic and those who have poor family support. Their mission is to enable meaningful and relevant education for all the children through volunteering.

Our group discovered that volunteering is not just a tool for helping others, to make them happy and make their life easier but also the volunteer has much to gain. It is so amazing to know that giving or contributing to the society as part of the school curriculum, can inculcate life skills to the young people that will help them in their educational achievement. Many at times it is believed that volunteering is a top to down activity, the rich to the poor but, the school has changed that perception. Realizing that youths at risk have power to transform their community, they get to know that they are worthy, thus they appreciate that regardless of who they are they can give back to their community.  We also captured how the program empowers them. Just the feeling to know that “I have changed somebody’s life for better” makes them know that they have something to contribute to the society, which even helps them to be more responsible to their education and life.

Submitted by:

Emine Demirel

Zwakele Motsa

Asante-Krobea Phyllis

Tommie Okiror

Marvin Kellyman