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A visit to “Dov Hoz” and “Susan’s House”

March 30, 2016

The visit to the two institutes this week illustrated some alternatives system of education Israel is having for youth at risk.

Dov Hoz

“Dov Hoz” is a professional school of the ministry of Economy with 170 students where students having difficulties in studies get experience in various field such as hair design, logistical, computer programming graphic design, etc.

The students are recommended to the Dov Hoz by various institutions such as schools, ministry of Welfare. These students get to persuade general studies along with the professional skills. There are also thought. Each student is given personal attention, emotional and physiological support and help in studies.

Students having low self-esteem to lower academic grades can come here and have walk even before they finish school, the Dov Hoz tem helps them to find suitable profession and also help them in getting integrated into the work life. As these youth at risk students do not know how to communicate dress and behave at work, the training of soft skills help them to cope with such changes.

The general curriculum is customized to suit the need of students. The students study for four days and work for two days, for it they are paid minimal wages. This way students get to know how to manage world of work.


Susan’s House

Susan’s House is an open house for youth between 15-18 years who can also work and learn arts such as ceramic, glass plate making designing and making beads.

They are recommended by the ministry of Social Welfare. They have to be in therapy to be able to work there.  At the Susan’s house the youth learn life skills as budgeting, pre-employment and social skills through arts. There are also youths who are in school. The government support them partly and the other part they‘ll get through. Susan’s House also offer services of psychologist once a week to discuss issues of students.

These institutes is a good example of an attempt to reintegrate the youth at risk into the education system keeping the individual differences in mind. There results of these schools shows the importance of professionals’ schools in Israel.


So, as a conclusion, as a group we can see that what these two institutes do is to give the youth the tools to be able to go fishing, instead only the fish to have it for only one day or a short period of time.

Group members

-          Oscar

-          Rita

-          Raju

-          Nango

-          Leanda