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Professional visits that change our perspectives

April 03, 2016

The MASHAV Team had two professional visits on 29/03/2016. The first visit took place at Nevei Yonatan experimental Junior High School – Ramla city in Israel; this was a fantastic moment to learn about the School and the Multicultural learning education system which students from different communities (Jewish, Arabs, Muslim and Christians). The main objective is to provide learning which expands the students’ knowledge and capabilities through inner and outer, discoveries, integration of new knowledge with old knowledge and perseverance.  

The school has established various activities that developed the student determination to be more significant in the society. These activities create motivation, resiliency and support for pupils to take part in community growth and development.  Likewise they don’t allow students to spend much time in the confined classroom system of learning; they have to deal with the students’ ability and capability to learn real situation and practical activities such as: Open Space Technology (OST). English Class,- Music, Theatre, TV presenter, card play and Fair play etc.


What we have learnt during the visit?

Neve – Yonatan High School was incredible because it uses the sport teaching methodology with the teacher being the soulful coach and the learner as the soulful athlete. The teachers are trained to be mentors and coaches to stir the learner to be able to move on with their desires, being motivated and stimulated in their learning; hence the process generating a safe and supportive surrounding for growth and development. The main emphasis is determination from which their values are drawn; this is clearly posted and displayed on various scribes in and outside of the school walls.


In the second visit, we went to Ramla Municipality Community Centre which offers a second chance to youth at risk. The Centre’s main objective is to instil youth with hands on skills such as cell phone and computer repairing and life skills. Apart from hands on skills, the Centre allows youth and their families from different communities to co-exist through the Hanukah, Eid al Fitr, Christmas that are annually to cater for different religious communities (Muslim, Jews and immigrants from Ethiopia, Russia and other European countries ).  

Team  members

 Joan Owiye

 Bester Semani

  Kagimura Alows

 Jnana Sindhu Swami

 Levite Maesimae