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The Genigar School

The Genigar School was founded in the 1950s for students with developmental and intellectual impairments. It serves as a unique school working to help its students integrate into society and promote their wellbeing. It is located in Haifa and currently educates 130 students.

The school believes in motivating and promoting the development of each student and teacher within a culture of giving to the community and accepting from it in return, while maintaining a sustainable existence. The school also believes in applying innovative educational and therapeutic methods based on a model of quality of life, development of initiatives and autonomy – in hope that each student will develop a personal set of values that will guide their decisions and choices in the future and improve their quality of life.

The school has many unique programs, including:

A program for promoting students’ social integration: This program includes an apartment with all necessary amenities, in which they live and learn to be independent individuals. They cook and clean for themselves and learn what they must pay attention to when living on their own, like turning off electrical appliances and washing dishes after use.  

Preparation for entering the workforce: The school views one of its main roles as preparing its students for joining the general workforce. The process includes providing practical tools and specific skills in specific fields of work, cultivating individual skills and giving students the tools to communicate effectively in their workplace as well as developing the ability to make good decisions, plan ahead and perform well in their environment.

Occupational greenhouse and horticulture therapy: Gardening provides not only practical skills that can be applied after leaving school, but has therapeutic benefits as well and also allows students to have normal leisure activities, like us all.

Art: The students are exposed to various forms of art, including sculpture, painting, working in wood and more. The

 exposure to different materials and the work required make it necessary for the students to face and cope with difficulties and allow them to gain experience in fields that will hopefully be beneficial to them in the future. As part of its promotion of the students’ abilities and right to join the general workforce the school established a factory focused on creating and selling decorative objects.