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Crazy country?, Crazy weather?, High expectations? Anyway, the experience of a lifetime.

May 29, 2016

When we were asked, after a week, to give our impressions about what has happened to us in the last days, the first thought that came to our minds was “the unforgettable experience of meeting all these amazing people from all those wonderful countries around the world”. To get to know them, to hear their stories, to deal with their accents, to see how different we are, to see how similar we are, everything enriches this experience, enriches our lives.

This experience has helped us to re-enchant our lives, because something that is not important for me, that I can´t see because it is my everyday life; is important, is unbelievable, is amazing for someone else. It helps us to see the other in ourselves, the stranger in ourselves.

The point of entry to this interchange of experiences, this interchange of cultures, came through an ice breaking session that was highly interactive, and was followed by a session of collaborative work in stations and discussion that showed us that a more imaginative use of the classroom is possible. Activities like those are examples of contemporary didactic strategies that are worth to be copied, or even better, that are worth to be adapted in order to be ready for an uncertain future.

Amusable taught us that the way to a meaningful learning follows the path of sequenced and logically organized contents. That’s why the steps that goes from history to culture, to religion, to structure of the educational system, to implementation of technology as another educational tool built the background that allowed us to understand those amazing things we saw at HaShalom School. If you add to all this the passion of all the lecturers, their expertise about the different topics and the practical use of e-learning resources, there is no doubt you have the recipe for a fruitful learning experience.


But it´s very remarkable how almost all the activities – not only XLN´s “game” or the work stations session on the first day, even some lectures – are able to be read, far beyond their content, as didactics lessons that invited us to reconsider our intuitive theories and showed us how to shape the methodology to make the class a living example of the concepts it tries to help us to understand. Almost every session has been an isomorphism of the concept it addresses. On this regard, we can´t only price the success stories session; it touches our hearts, it really inspired us; and at the same time, it worked as an example to show us how to change the focus from “the guilty” to “the successful factor”.

After only a week in Israel, the preconceptions we held about this country have been changing. Maybe at the end of this journey we get to see with new eyes, because you need to see what’s happening here to believe it.

Written by: Edward Selelo, Walther Mauricio Zuleta Angarita, Raj Pathania, Erwin Llavore