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Training Course Introduction “Youth At-Risk"

“Success to me is that very moment when I run out of patience and yet I haven’t lashed out, that moment when I feel I have been broken, yet I haven’t given up, that moment I wanted to run yet I stayed. Success isn’t about necessities, money, degrees or a career. Success to me is an evolving sense of humanity and a great love to myself and those around me”. Anonymous

These words represent, from our point of view, the essence of the method needed to prevent dropouts and to have the courage and the strength to bring any of the young children and adolescents labelled as Youth at Risk, back into the educational system.

On 11th February 2013 we opened one more course on Preventing Student Dropouts and Facilitating Reintegration. The subject of this course is youth at-risk, a label- given by various authorities (psychologists, educators, and sociologists) - referring to vulnerable  children and adolescents from all socio-economic backgrounds for whom normal family life has been disrupted, and who lack sufficient parental or adult interaction.

We,  in the Ofri Center, believe that educators must create opportunities and impart skills, competencies and attitudes that will enable these adolescents to be productive and resourceful members of society. It is therefore very important  to share experiences  that can assist the educational system in taking significance steps towards this happening, and can create methods to increase access to education.

The main idea is to consider innovative outreach programs which will focus all their efforts on creating positive conditions that will foster resiliency and offset risk factors. All this whilst simultaneously facing the challenging process of providing a high quality education which meets the new demands that the 21st century brings.