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Visiting “ Mekif Gilo” High School in Jerusalem

We entered the school yard to find out it covered with red paper 'carpets’ organized by the 12th  graders of  the school, reminding us that it was Valentine’s Day.

Sigalit Arnfeld, one of the five counselors of the school, welcomed us and with her we toured the school and learned about the different academic activities in the school offers. Such activities include a program for outstanding students in maths, an extensive science program and a special robotics program.


In recent years, science subjects are taught, as are geography and art, with an emphasis on the environment. The school established an ecological garden that allows the students to experience while learning.  They have a variety of theoretical tracks for subjects such as physics, computers, chemistry, biology, Arabic, business management, electronics, art, dance and theater,as well as health and medical system technologies track. 
We focused our questions on issues related to our course and we found that the school offers a wide array of educational support for struggling pupils and students with learning disabilities, or social and family problems. The staff emphasized that at the center of the educational and learning goals of the school, is the focus on individual needs, with guidance counselors, educators and parents all working to find solutions for each student regarding any academic, social, and emotional issues that may arise.

The highlight of the visit was meeting with the senior students in 12th grade. Together we engaged in a sincere dialogue on issues such as school dropouts, activities related to dealing with boundaries, how to prevent substance abuse, gender relations and adolescence. The exchange of ideas was open and flowing; our participants found that the young Israelis were extremely open and willing to share. We continued the dialogue and discussed what they think about serving in the army and how to deal with the uncompromising confrontation with the existing violence in society. 
Thanks to the staff, directors and the wonderful young people at the school.