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Golden opportunities in Israel's schools

November 29, 2016

It’s worth to be a part of MASHAV’S International Seminar on Special and Inclusive Education.
We are fortunate enough to get these golden opportunities to visit different schools in Israel. After our professional visit to Megadim, Gan Tazpit, On and Beit Issie Saphiro we feel blessed to visit another school
“Genigar” in the beautiful city “Haifa”.

Catering to the age group of 6-21 years, Genigar is a school for pupils with developmental disabilities. The faculty and the school’s principal impressed us with their warm hospitality. Our visit was scheduled in an organized and systematic way. We could see that the teachers were guiding and handling children in well equipped classrooms.

One of the stimulating experiences we had was in a Snoezelene-a sensory room. Many of us became little kids enjoying the bouncy water mattress, soft music and soothing lights. The occupational therapist Ms. Yale explained us in detail how few minutes in this room make children calm, organized and ready for another activity. Also she made us know that the Snoezelene experience may vary according to child’s individuality. Once again she impressed us by answering our questions patiently.


Another astonishing learning for us was the ICT Eyeplay system. The teacher Anna explained about how this system helps children to develop their fine and gross motor abilities, coordination and attention in an entertaining way. Seeing this technology we all wished to be a child of this century. But no worries we can adapt this technology in our own countries for our children.

The school also revealed the fact that it will be a model school for other schools as they are working as an experimental school in social behavior skill. The school is really working hard to make the life of the special need children meaningful. Only team work and clear focused goal can make this happen.

On the same day we also got opportunity to visit one of the excellent teacher training college in Israel, “Gordon” college of education. They offer training in pedagogical methods of teaching in subjects such as Math, Science, Literature, etc.

Welcoming us in a friendly way the president of the college Mr. Yecheskel Taler exposed the background of the college. We were amazed to see the preparation of our visit. A bag with brochures, memento of the college and delicious food were laid on the table. The most interesting experience of this college was the future classroom. The teacher trainer very patiently demonstrated about the gadgets used in this innovative classroom and clarified that all the trainees in this college learn basic coding. The 3D printer amazed us. The teacher showed us how different teaching aids can be made within a minute with this machine. During our visit the president also shared us about the college’s deep commitment to multicultural education and partnership with different countries. Exchange program of the teacher was the unique selling point of this college. The president of the college was present throughout the tour which made us feel the sincere involvement and interest of the faculty from the highest level.

End of the day we met Ms. Miri who shared her project on problem based learning (PBL) through mathematics. We learnt how the college can connect to school and make them a partner in learning. The idea of the newspaper in partnership with the school was innovative and reiterated the institution’s practical approach to train teachers.

Overall the experience was quite educative. We left the place with new innovative ideas and great ambitions for our countries.

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Kripa Shrestha - Nepal

Christine Kombe - Kenya

Thi Lan Huong Cao - Vietnam

Lilit Yeghiazaryan - Armenia