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Ready to create the future of education!!

It was really interesting to observe during these two sunny weeks how a group of people who haven’t met each other before, driven by inspiration and collaboration during the training sessions led by Mr. Ariel Cegla and invited professionals as well as when visiting various educational institutions in different cities in Israel gradually turned into what is now seen as a united team of change agents almost ready to create the future of education in their native countries – be it Costa Rica or Ukraine, Ghana or Peru.


Envisioning the need for the training of teachers leading the transformation of education, the program of the course included a visit to the Gordon College of Education in Haifa, an institution considered by many to be a model for the creation of the XXI century educational professionals. A modern, clean building and smiling faces of would-be teachers created a very positive first impression confirmed by a meeting with Prof. Yecheskel Taler, President of the College. An experienced educator, he stressed the importance of using ICT in education (“the technology is already here”) as a tool to support educational goals rather than as technology for the sake of technology. The theoretical and practical workshops on using ICT in education by the teachers of the institution proved that the College is leading the way in developing new paradigms of education integrating advanced technologies and innovative teaching strategies. A teacher as a facilitator with cutting-edge ICT tools seems to be an image of a modern Israeli educator prepared to meet the challenges of the XXI century.



Our Friday session was important to identify our levels of burn out and learn how to identify and reduce these levels in our teams back home at work.  Learned that there are different speeds and approaches to solve situations or problems. We also learned about the importance of Science, Technology, Engeeniring and Math (STEM) and Robotics in the development of 21 st Century Skills students of today need to participate actively in our society today and tomorrow. Problem solving, critical thinking, collaborating and creating content (not only consuming information) are some examples.

We all agree that we are inspired by the professional training sessions, we want to thank the program for taking us to professional visits and the Holy places around the Sea of Galilee, for the learning experience described by the program participants as enriching their souls with belief that everything is possible with the help of God.


By  Jhonatan (Peru),  Natalia (Costa Rica),  Oleksy (Ukraine) &  Vivian (Ghana)