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A new training course has begun - Youth At-Risk 2017

February 27, 2017

In the last 27th of February, a couple of days ago, the “Youth At-Risk: Preventing Student Dropouts and Facilitating Reintegration” training course has begun. This training course has brought to Israel, educators and professionals that work in a variety of topics in the Education & Social fields, from 11 different countries.

These first days, were interesting & with a lot of multicultural experience! In this week, the participants were part of sessions that introduced the program of the training course, introduce Israel and its educational system, and sessions that gave them the opportunity to meet their colleagues and start bonding with them.

In this first week, the training will focus on understanding the Israeli Model for preventing Dropouts and Youth at Risk and in having a first glimpse to the implementation of the Model. In this context, the participants met with Iris Moskovitz, from the “Hila Program” of the Ministry of Education who presented the National Project for Youth who Drop Out of School that was developed by the National Youth Advancement department in the Ministry of Education. This program works with youth who drop out of school and try to give them different frameworks that will help and allowed them to finish different levels of formal education.At this moment, the participant are having a session with representatives from the National Youth Advancement department in the  Ministry of Education who are presenting an introduction and a general overview of the Youth at Risk approach in the Ministry of Education in Israel.


In the rest of this first week, we have very interesting and diverse activities planned:  the participant will meet more representatives from the Ministry of Welfare & Social Services, who will introduce the National Program for Children and Youth at Risk in the Ministry that aims to minimize the risk situation in youth life through a Multidisciplinary effort between different Ministries; We will have our first glimpse to the field of education by visiting “ZIV MARKS” High school in Jerusalem, that will allow us to see how this model really works in practice; We will have a unique & innovative session on the integration of ICT and Technological tools in Education with our Deputy Director, Mr. Damian Filut; and we will have also an interesting workshop with an expert from the field of Youth at Risk on the variety of Pedagogies and Methodologies that are leading the field.

It’s important to remember, that this training try to answer very essential questions: How to give the best possible answer & support for the Youth and Children that are facing difficulties, that are putting in risk their most essential development? How to prevent Dropouts of this Youth? And how to give them the opportunity to “Drop-In”?

We learned in Israel that there is not one right answer or model! The answer will always be complex, will always require flexibility, will always involve a joint effort of many Ministries and stakeholders that will bring their unique perspective and knowledge, will always require a comprehensive and holistic approach that includes complex cooperations and collaborations, will always need to be in constant adaptation to the needs of the Youth and with a continuos innovation process…


I believe that we are just at the beginning of our journey, and we will begin to dive deep into the Youth at Risk Educational field in Israel to know it better and learn from it.

Through it, we hope to create together new solutions that are adapted to the needs and reality of each participants and country.
Looking forward to a great journey together!!!


Ariel Cegla

Training Development Officer