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Expanding our horizon - Our first week experience and impression

The first week of the training remained productive and fascinating. We 21 participants from 11 different countries were warmly welcomed by Ariel Celga (Training Development Officer-MASHAV) and made us familiar to each other. The general and technical information provided to us were really useful in the new setting. The warm-up before the topic and group work over the issue helped us to learn lively.

oreover, some basic ideas on the Israeli society and education system were newsworthy. The presentation on the role of the Ministry of Education, Social Welfare Affairs, Educators and other stakeholders in preventing drop-outs in Israel was mostly vital for us to assimilate in the context of our country. Ideas on 'Hila Program' opened the room for working with the youths at risk in our country. What we learned primarily in the first week was the role and responsibility of the government in making the education system of any country better.


T he workshop on the use of ICT in Education made us to think differently on the ways of teaching-learning in our local context. It marked us to catch up the need and utility of the technologies/gadgets in 21 st century. We learned to accept the TED as a part of our life and necessary tools for education. In the last days of the week, we learned about making plan and policy for the youths at risk. Here we got an idea about collaborative effort in designing, budgeting and implementing any project of national concern. We learned the aforementioned ideas almost practically: doing the task as if we were the concerned authority. The professional visit ( March 2: Thursday ) at 'Ziv Marks Secondary School-Jerusalem' was memorably effectual. We had the chance to eye at the classes of different category such as normal, integrated sports and special, which ultimately enabled to visualize the Israeli school system forever. This visit not only refreshed the entire team, but also gave an opportunity to interact with the principal, teachers and students. The number of students in the class, school uniform, digital learning and students' discipline etc. were ever important to keep in mind while advocating for educational system in our own country further. Similarly, the class on 'Pedagogy and Methodology with children at risk' on Friday morning was theoretically full to get the ideas in depth. We could realize the role of an educator in preventing drop-outs. Some exchange of the instructor's experiences and ours helped to know the different realities in different places, the cross-cultural, educational and language sharing sometimes made the sitting rejuvenated. On the other, the peaceful set up of the Ofri Training Center was impressive in the first sight. Short tour to City Center and Old City was again unforgettable. We also came to know about 'Sabbath' amongst Israelites.


After all, the learning of the week valued more in our personal and professional life. It expanded the horizon of our thinking (out of the box) and encouraged us to be responsible in every step. The learning was through doing, visiting and discussion. We found the use of ICT simply in the classes as innovative and Israeli education system as new. It would contribute us to employ the possible ideas to our country as well, (e.g ICT, classroom size, etc.). We can disseminate the gained ideas by writing in the national daily newspaper of our country so as to let the authority think differently. We would recommend for learning about educational management, comparative education and good practices in the world.
Thank you!

Submitted by:

 -Umesh Raj Regmi (Nepal)

 -Lydia Kosgei (Kenya)

 -Florence Kyomuhenao (Uganda)