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How did the STEM course begin?

March 17, 2017
“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there”
Alice in Wonderland

Everyone is looking for his way in the life, his own way of professional development. We, as educators, are always searching for the best way for teaching. However, if you don`t know what is your target, it`s impossible to find a way. 
On this MASHAV course “Education for Science and Math`s through the STEM framework” our group has got a great opportunity to find the answers to so important questions for all the educators: 
• What to teach?
• How to teach?
• Why it must be taught?

During the first week we understood that the best approach to reach the target is:

We had the greatest opportunity to meet a lot of experts in STEM, STEAM and iSTEAM education, who inspired us with their experience in that field and encourage us to change the way to teach our subjects.

One of the most impressive presentation was the workshop “ISTEAM-Leading Israel program on the field” from David Rosenberg, who told us “Learn from experience, not from the speech”. And it means that through the practice we learn more than from speech theory. As a result, a simple activity such as a redesign of headphone for 1 hour could teach more than 4 hours of traditional class and also, this kind of activity offer handsome way to combine several subjects (Art, Physics, Biology, Engineering, Chemistry, Innovation and working in team).

We learnt all that information by sharing our experience with all members of the group and the lecturers. 
So, Ofri Centre is really the vehicle to support us in order to reach the target… their method and activities took us into the magic of communication, sharing and inspiration. 

The thing that we are taking with us is:

Now, we are pretty sure where we want to go and what we want to know. Therefore, we see our target clearly now and the rest is to use the MASHAV’s tools for to go inside the STEM “ocean”.
And what’s the next? Thought following days, we’ll be able to use the secrets behind the name STEM and then, we can return to our homes with a new education power…