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The readiness of teachers leads to the success of learners

March 30, 2017
For the 3 weeks of our study tour to Israel, we were able to see how this country has carried out unique educational reforms to address its needs for development. The training program took us to see how the Israeli schools teach and prepare their students for life in the 21st century. The educational projects especially those that involve implementation of STEM education in schools have been well-developed for concordance with national policies. In every visit, we saw how students could learn Science, Technology and Mathematics in classrooms successfully through activities that motivate them to learn about what they want to know. These activities are hands-on researches that students need to handle with various tools and method rather than just sit and read. From these visits and observations in schools, we were able to appreciate that the key factor behind learners’ achievement is the quality of all teachers. Teachers prepare the essential content areas, the resources and guide learners in carrying out the activities for learning. In order to have the required specialist teachers in schools, we found out that in Israel it is mandatory for all teachers to develop their skills in teaching and facilitating the learning of students. Whether an experienced teacher or a novice, one has duty to all-the-time develop himself/herself. 


Professional Development (PD) is one of the tools that Israel government uses to implement the new teaching approaches which help to align the educational goals with the policies. And how does this benefit the learners? It could guarantee the government that its teachers are well versed with the best teaching approaches and methods that could help learners acquire knowledge and skills to achieve the educational goals. 

Well -planned PD programs safeguards the learners from walking on the wrong learning. Through continuous PD that teachers in Israel attend almost every month, knowledge and skills that a teacher needs to deliver a professional service are developed. This helps them continue to make a meaningful contribution to learners, schools and community. The importance of PD should not be underestimated – it is a career-long obligation for practicing professionals.

Submitted by: Asel Aytmatova ,Elva Beatriz Lasso Tapia, Joseph Kuria Siroj Srisarakorn