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Susan's House

"These kids are scared of the grown-up world, but we teach them that if you know the game and play by the rules you can make it", explains Avital Goel, Director of Susan's House.

We believe we should offer a gateway while engaging the participants in a supportive, attractive social and educational framework, nurturing the rebuilding of trust in their surroundings. Our purpose is mainly to illuminate the individual potential hidden in each participant, by raising self image and self esteem and inculcating values for the development of relevant skills.
Susan's House business is managed like any other standard business and must finance itself as an on-the-job training center for Jerusalem’s most troubled teens. The project works under the guidance of caring adults, including some of Israel’s most acclaimed artists who create beautiful crafts for sale worldwide.
One of the project's main goals is to offer the participants basic skills while encouraging them to return to a normative life style. A normative lifestyle is partially accomplished by regular, routine living habits, to which a work routine makes a significant contribution. There is great difficulty in encouraging program participants to adhere to the comparatively strict framework that the program demands, whether in the workplace or in their lifestyle.
 The financial reward provides an important but not a completely embracing incentive. Therefore it is important to offer skills that can be developed and can lead to professional specialization. There are five paid staff, 22 kids and a huge waiting list.

“We developed a knack for dealing with teenagers, after many difficult, yet gratifying years, working alongside teenagers, and with the help and guidance of social workers and psychologists from the Israeli social services. We are on the path”  Avital Goel summarized.
The visit enhanced our insight into the different ways to support youth at risk.