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Project Rationale
-This project is based on the Azrieli Program for school dropouts which the participant studied during the course she attended in Israel on Educational Methodologies Youth At-Risk: Preventing Student Dropouts and Facilitating Reintegration.
-The project is meant to give students a second chance and reintegrate them in formal education.
-During the economic meltdown in the country, all the colleges experienced dwindling numbers in terms of enrolment hence the project boosted the number of students and the infrastructure was made use of.

Problematic to be resolved
-The project is selective for it caters for only those who can sponsor themselves. The economically disadvantaged have remained so up to this day.
-Tutor-student ratio is so high and hence affecting the core business of the colleges.
-Unlike other policy issues, there is no ownership.Institutions run the project willy nilly.

What is the Project About
-This project is run nationally mainly by teachers' training colleges and in a few instances by universities.
-It is meant for school dropouts who had failed to attain required basic subjects such as Mathematics, English and Science.Nationally, the basic entry requirement for further education or employment is 5 Ordinary Levels including the above and any other two subjects.
-The school dropouts are given special pycho-social, educational and therapeutic services.

-The students are self-sponsored. They pay for their tuition, food and amenities.
Generally, the instutions decide on how to use the fees.

- To supplement the basic subjects such as Mathematics, English and Science so that they get the required 5 'O" subjects.
-To expose the students to various employment opportunities at their disposal through career guidance. Teaching opens up a myriad of opportunities.
-To develop the requisite life skills. The students acquire various decision making skills which empower them to apply in life.
-To show case their skills and talents in a user friendly environment.

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