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Our first steps in a unique Journey

The Mashav family for the Professional Development for In-service teachers gathered in the Duvdevan hall, Ramat Rachel Hotel, Jerusalem, on Monday 8th May 2017 at 9am. Their look at each others’ faces told everything, all were strangers to each other. Then came in, Ariel Cegla, the course coordinator, with an exciting introduction to the course. This left everyone amazed by how possible it would be to have an exciting and interesting moment in our classroom with every learner involved within a tight time period. The introduction raised the participants’ curiosity to the training.

The first was a simple but interesting activity of introducing each other in less than 20 minutes. Within this time, everyone could recall the name of all the other members. It was clear that the concept of teaching brings out an arithmetic that 1+1 = 3. Because, in a classroom, we have the learner, the teacher and their interactions should always create something which can be measured.


From an activity of forming a circle by tightly holding hands, intertwining together until there would be no further movement brought out development of problem solving skill when trying to go back to the original circle. This enhanced persistence/not giving up, patience, critical thinking, team work, respecting each others' opinion, trying many options and confirming there is a solution to every situation.

The idea of looking at a box from different angles was to depict perceptions of different people. From this, it was realized that one sees different things from their point of views, perceptions or background. Some even anxious to see beyond what is set for them. In a teaching and learning environment, there would be many set ups to suite different learners and teachers should prepare instruction accordingly.

The Israeli society and education system session ensured the participants understood the environment of the training. It was a foundation to the elaborate teacher professional development of Israeli session that followed. The visits to an innovative primary school, Beta school which depicted future classrooms and a Pisga center where teachers go for professional development courses brought out theory into practice.


Apisit Tongchai, Thailand

Beatrice Macharia, Kenya

Njeri Mburu, Kenya

Susan Murage, Kenya