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An opportunity to develop in a meaningful way

May 18, 2017

In providing the quality of education, the teachers lead the teaching and learning process by using different pedagogical skills to create the learners a sense of belonging and give the opportunities to develop themselves in a meaningful way. With this regard, it is very important for the teachers to take into consideration the cognitive well-being and emotional well-being of the learners as a human being. What more, teachers must lighten the students when he or she feels invisible through the process of meaningful teaching and learning.

The responsibility of the teachers is to create teaching and learning environment that focuses on what are right about themselves and in classroom rather than what are wrong. The teachers examine the positive things and moments, build on the areas of improvement and continuously reflect on their practices for self-improvement and as agents of change in schools. 

In Israel, the role of leading teachers in the learning and teaching process cannot be overemphasized. Although each region designs “Leading Teachers” approach to adjust their needs and goals, their common framework is to provide teacher professional development taking place under a conceptualization of “a community of learning” by which they identify their need, the community’s need, do the planning, implement, support, assess and provide feedback. Through this process, the teachers bring the real life experience to the learning in the classroom and improve the learning outcome of the student. Learning community improves not only the content and pedagogical knowledge of teachers but also foster team building and sharing of knowledge and common values in their work lives.


However, learning community cannot be successful without the support from the school principle and other administrative agents in a continuous and flexible way. This support should be not in very structural or hierarchical format but an inform arrangement and conversations that create meaningful learning for teachers.

Teachers create active learning environment where learners can make choices toward addressing their needs and community needs. This environment should also give a space for proper learning planning in a creative way and refocusing. The scenario created should become learning experiences for the learners.  

Generally, the teaching and learning may not be said to have taken place without revisiting the teaching and learning process through assessment and evaluation of achievements or set goals and standards. Various evaluation tools can be developed for this purpose and emphasis should be on the assessment for learning particularly formative assessment. 

Written by:

Janet Onyango - Kenya

Irina Barseghyan - Armenia 

Emmy Kipkemoi - Kenya

Koulika Bo - Cambodia