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Three more days of experiences and learning

May 28, 2017
In the course “Education towards Sustainable Development”, we are experiencing how education should be associated with sustainable development. When we specifically consider the trainings, professional visits and tours that happened from May 23rd-26th 2017, we grasped the following main points.

We had the visit of Dana Lev, who works with The Green Network. She had a different way of showing us how people still lack a lot of consciousness regarding waste and recycling. We walked around the Kibbutz and we got to see the back office, where things are made and waste is left. With a short and small demonstration we got to see how much waste the Kibbutz contributes and we got to see firsthand how we as humans don’t understand completely the damage we can spare by helping reduce the waste. We came up with some solutions people can use not to pollute that much, like being more cautious with organic thins, give out the food your not eating to someone in need, don’t buy that many things if you are not going to use them, etc. We also got to see a positive side, which is that they do eat very healthy and that is really good. This helped us really see how we need to start reducing and recycling.

The second part of the day we got the honor of having a class with David Dunitz and his purpose was to guide us to see Sustainable Development from a Global point to a local. This was a great summary of all the things we were looking at and learning the whole first segment of the course. He had a great way of making us think individually and with groups of what Sustainability really is and what we should all be looking at. It was a great exercise because we got to see how we are all on the same path and we really are Agents of Change. 

The next day, we were taught how to observe when we are in schools. To check for the Pedagogical factors around the school. This particular school also teaches from the Hebrew Bible focusing on the appropriate behavior in public. Most of their learning is centered around the environment. Their approach towards the importance of social dimensions. Moreover, the importance of identifying those teachers who are passionate about the subjects they teach. This school actually has a room for “Mindfulness” which places emphasis on being mindful of who you are & your role as a member of your community & your social surrounding.

On friday we had  an amazing experience ever had, never heard of and ever learned about, was awesome to see how to defuse the bomb using all the thinking intellect, combination of chemicals and collaborative work which is reinforced by quick thinking. Usage of numbers to unlock the padlocks and finally defusing the bomb is a very new experience ever. 

Practical chemistry session to learn and take home and how to use the recycle materials for the sake of sustainability, like the short pencils, empty plastic buckets and other materials which could have been thrown away and will cause problem to the environment and nature. 

Over all, the professional visits and trainings we observed as to how they associate education with their daily life like cultivation of plants, rearing of animals, recycling and reusing resources.

Sustainability begins with us

Written by:
Ana Isabel Cifuentes- Guatemala
Daniel Tadesse Kebede- Ethiopia
James Alau Sabasio- South Sudan
Saimoni Gaunavou Qalokivuiya- Fiji