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CREATIVITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM - Breaking the monotony of schools environment

"My training at MASHAV’s Aharon Ofri International Educational Training Center, Israel in “Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Education” provided me with wonderful resources in the form of unique ideas and tools. I was inspired to put to use my training and one obvious choice was the school where my son studies. I was eager to share the ideas with the teachers and students alike..."

This initiative, called the “Creativity Development Program, started in “VPM’s Vidya Mandir, Dahisar” school with 150 students of the 7th grade. The development of the program began with the “Train the Trainers” model, where three school teachers where trained, and together with them the program was designed and planned. In fact, after the development stage, these teachers were the ones conducting the program in practice.

According to Suchita, as this was a pilot project, it was important to enable a dynamic process of trail and error, of assessment & transformation, of analysis & learning. So a process of constant adaptation was adopted: “Learning from sessions that were conducted, reviewing responses from students and suggestions from teachers, we kept re-orienting and modifying the next sessions; often including topics that were supplementary to the school syllabus…

The learning sessions in this initiative were based on an active learning approach with topics that are relevant for the world of the students and the teachers, and it included innovative pedagogical approaches such as Meaningful Learning & Project Based Learning, for which a number of experts were invited.

After this first pilot program, Suchita shared that the results were very positives: “The program successfully enhanced enthusiasm and excitement in routine lives of all concerned, it Improved communication between students and teachers, it Improved cooperation & develop creativity among students, it reduced hyperactivity and friction among students and it brought a lot of joy and fun moments for the students…


After this first year, the school is interested on including grade 8th along with 7th, which means that in practice, 300 students will participate in this program in the next academic year. This reinforce Suchita statement, in which she sustain that “the program has become part of school environment and is widely applauded”.

The team of the Pilot Program 2016-2017  
The School : VPM’s Vidya Mandir, Dahisar
The Principal : Ms. Sonal Tharwal
Designated teachers : Ms Neha Kale and Ms Jyoti Honkote and Mr Tejesh Sonavane
Students : Grade 7’th a total of 150

Thanks to our Alumni, Suchita Deshpande from India, for sharing this initiative with us! 

Ariel Cegla - 
Training Development Officer

The Aharon Ofri MASHAV International Educational Training Center - Jerusalem