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Eco-Gl@nce - Introducing Foreign Language Instruction to the 21st century!

July 24, 2017

Luz Ely Gonzalez, an English teacher inspired by an METC-MASHAV course “ICT in Education”, has changed her classes and the teaching and learning processes that happen in them. Now, they are about not only foreign language instructions, but also focused on technology, creativity and problem solving in a collaborative environment.

Luz is leading a learning process with a group of students that compiles the following:

-  Interactive containers with sensors and electronic posters to foster environment care in the community;
-   A bilingual electronic system which would inform visitors about important places, culture and history and would also facilitate their staying in the city;
-    An interactive system that would reward people for good environment practices.

As a first step in this project, students have been taking classes out of the classrooms -and by their own initiative- about 3D digital design, coding and robotics using some tools that the teacher was exposed to during the METC “ICT in Education” training course such as Tinkercad, CodeMonkey, CoderZ and Arduino.

The results have been remarkable. The students decided to use their own resources to get Arduino cards and they have been able to create a container prototype as part of the piloting stage in the project. The intention is to continue refining this first product until they get the desired ones.

This change in the learning process was very positive, learners have been working together to achieve their objectives and they have also been writing some reflections as journals to be published on an online blog. It has helped them improve their foreign language communication competence (English) and hopefully, soon they will get in contact with other learners around the world who can contribute to the project and exchange experiences.

The teacher ask for collaboration from an organization (Vivelab) to provide a room with equipment to train the students in using Arduino. 

 After 5 sessions of working with arduino students created a container protoype

 Learners getting familiar with coding and programming using codemonkey and coderz

Learners writing their journals collaboratively. They use Google doc to get support from each other. The teacher checks, suggests corrections or guide them.

The students were selected to participate in the “robotics and virtual reality” competition organized by the ICT Ministry of Colombia


The impact of this project is not only that it has awaken students’ curiosity and the improvement of some skills but also that has attracted other students’ interests who have decided to join the group and the group have trained them. Now, they are knocking doors to get the necessary resources to achieve their goals. 

We want to thank our Alumni, Luz Ely Gonzalez from Colombia, for sharing her initiative with us! 

We invite all our alumni to share with us your unique initiative and projects!

Ariel Cegla -  Training Development Officer

The Aharon Ofri MASHAV International Educational Training Center – Jerusalem