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The registration for the third year of the Collaborative Learning initiative with Israeli schools is Open!!!



August 2017  We invite you to take part on another learning initiative!!



Join us in a our third year of Collaborative Learning with Israeli schools!!!

In the 21st century world, the technological tools are an essential part of our life, creating a reality with unimaginable opportunities. This is true also in education, where technology allow us to develop new learning processes and experiences changing the way we use information and making us closer to one another , giving us the opportunity to connect to educators all over the world.


Shalom Dear Alumni!!


The METC (Ofri Center) and the ICT Department in Israel’s Education Ministry are launching the third year of the “School Collaborative Learning” initiative.


The first and the second year included a collaborative learning  experience between schools in Israel and schools in Kenya, Ecuador, Ghana, Nepal, India, Kazakhstan and Russia.


This third year of the initiative, is providing an opportunity for the development of a wider collaborative learning between schools around the globe and schools in Israel, encouraging the creation of a new model that allows sharing knowledge, experiences and learning processes on different topics through an innovative and interesting technological platform.


Today, we open the registration for the 3rd year of the collaborative learning!!! Only registered alumni can be part of it!!


One more step to enrich the community of METC alumni!! One more opportunity to keep learning together! 


For any question please contact us at ariel@metc.org.il



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