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Last video Blog of the STEM Training Course.

February 04, 2018
A team of 23 educators drawn from ten countries of Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kenya ,India, Nigeria, South Sudan, Vietnam, Nepal ,Thailand and Ukraine  arrived in Israel on 14/1/2018 ready to interact, learn and experience the new land. It is true that the interaction started immediately as new approaches of learning were introduced. We came not to learn about STEM Education but also to study the approach of Israeli’s Educational system so as to implement in our various countries.  The lectures were exciting and accompanied by hands on activities. The best learning practices were presented by the various professionals and experts and the participants were exposed to practical project based learning in the various institutions. A short illustration of what transpired throughout the period is best summarized by the video and pictures that follow

In conclusion, we want to thank MASHAV for the opportunity it offered to all of us to interact with each other and the experts. Our task therefore will be to implement what is practicable in our countries.