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March 13, 2018
Thanks to the invitation of the Israel side (Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation MASHAV) the Ukrainian scientists had the unique opportunity to participate in constructive and meaningful activities "Education for Science and Math – STEM Framework". This made it possible to develop a new conceptual model, adapted to domestic realities, for STEM-teachers training. These training programmes have been included in pre- and in-service teacher training at the H.S. Skovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University. Moreover, as a result of educational course "Education for Science and Math – STEM Framework" an educational pilot project "From Teacher to Teacher" was prepared. 

The project "From Teacher to Teacher" focuses on the dissemination of a multi-disciplinary approach in teaching and learning practice and the separation of basic sciences (STEAM / STREAM) around which the educational process should be developed. The project "From Teacher to Teacher" started on February 21, 2018, on the basis of Kharkiv Gymnasium №1 [http://gimnasium1.klasna.com/uk/news-983-50/]. Within the framework of the project, a seminar was organized for teachers of informatics. During the seminar, the teachers learned about practice of STEM in countries of the world, in particular, Israel; learned about BYOD as an instrument for implementing STEAM-education [http://fmo-journal.fizmatsspu.sumy.ua/publ/3-1-0-233]; worked with applications for SmartPhones that would increased interactivity, in particular, "Scientific Journal" (Google) and more.

On the basis of the Scientific and Methodological Pedagogical Centres on March 1, 2018, a seminar "New Ukrainian School – New Approaches to the Learning of Gifted Students" for teachers, methodology advisers, deputy directors of educational institutions (who coordinate work with gifted students) was organized. During the work, the participants of the seminar identified modern effective teaching technologies and interactive methods of education for the teaching and development of gifted students. The participants got acquainted with the theoretical foundations  in respect of STEM, prospects of development and STEM work experience  in Israel [http://www.kharkivosvita.net.ua/news/6429]; learned about the strategies of learning gifted children, in particular, intensive special STEM-courses that can be implemented, for example, on the basis of the International Green School [http://openpolicy.org.ua/igs/], etc.

We hope that successful foreign experience, domestic STEM-initiatives will be successfully adapted to the New Ukrainian School.

Andriievska Vira
Doctorate in the Department of Elementary, pre-school and vocational education
H.S. Skovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University
Kharkov, Ukraine