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Warm Regards from Israel!

The School Collaboration Project continues to bear fruits, as many "Paris" of school are having a great learning experience together. As We believe, Here at METC we see the Teachers as a very essential and important part of the success of the Project. One of the Pairs which were presented before, are 'Atid' school from Ramat Gan who collaborates together with a 'Antonio Narino' school from Monteria- Colombia. We spoke with The teacher from Colombia and heard her special and kind words, speaking about the program. (Click here to read the article)

And Today, We would like to present the Israeli teacher that is working with Luz. Her name is Verd Ben Dor, and we invite you to read her words she shared with us about her experience.
We would like to thank her for her time and her smart words.


1.Could you describe you experience as a teacher who takes part at this program?

Vered: For me as a teacher, I want to expose my pupils to different types of learnings. Our school's goal is making the students succeed in many different domains. This year the state of Israel is celebrating 70 years of independence, and my pupils are working on making a video project that will tell the story of the state Israel.  Therefore, when I heard about the collaborative learning program- I understood that it's a great opportunity to combine these two ideas. The pupils are responsible on making the project- therefore they want to make the best out of it. They are super excited to find things in common with kids their age from the other side of the globe. Even tough that times are different, this project invite them to learn about different culture and the kids are very enthusiastic about it. Moreover, the pupils are improving their English- and that it a great bonus by itself".

2. How does the pupils experience the connection with the other school?

One of the goals of the collaborative learning, is to get to know another school in the world and to see how Kids in the same age but from different state- have a lot in common. Vered: The pupils are so excited about being in contact with kids their age from Colombia. They enjoyed the skype call so much, that we are planning on having more! More than that, they are looking forward on sharing their life here in Israel and showing them their lifestyle – in order to connect with them in the best way possible.

3. What is the pupils' reaction to this kind of learning?

Vered: The students are very excited about the project, and are really looking forward to the skype calls with the pupils from Colombia. Even though there are some cultural differences, they are super excited about learning with them virtually and getting to know each other more and more.

4. How do you think such kind of learning affect the pupils? What kind of skills does it teach them?

Vered: The program is innovative and takes the students outside of the class limits- it brings them in contact with kids their age from the other side of the globe! They work in groups, so that makes them work in collaboration, and most important the skills of the 21st century.

5. What does the pupils receive from taking part at this program? In what way?

I think that through this project people are being exposed to the state of Israel in a way that is different than what they see on the Media. In addition I feel that kids come from a very honest and simple place- that can affect the way Israel is presented to them. All in all I believe that in the future we will keep taking part in this program because it is a multidisciplinary learning that gives students so much in many ways". 

One of the projects main goals, was to empower the students in many aspects including the development and integration of the 21 century skills. As Vered is describing, taking part in this project made her students improve their English, integrate ICT and Technology in their learning process and allow them to connect with students across the globe. Moreover, The project engaged their students to be active in the learning process and take responsibility for the educational martial they are creating. The fact that the students are getting excited to speak with the students from Colombia- shows that the project has an impact on them. Reading Vered's words make us happy and proud! We Hope that many other schools will have such a huge success in the program as well.  

Sara Yisrael -  Virtual Projects Coordinator