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Collaborative Learning Project 2017/2018 - Closing Conference

The school year in Israel is getting to its end, and so is Collaborative Learning project. In order to summarize the activity we had at the project this year, The METC (Ofri Center) and the ICT Department at the Ministry of Education, have organized a Closing conference. 

The Conference took place on 17/5/18 at Petach Tikva. In the Conference participated representatives from MASHAV & the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, representatives from the Ministry of Education, the Israeli Teachers that has been part of the project and MASHAV participants of 2 training courses at the METC.

The Conference has open with a Beautiful Quire from a school in Netanya. Ronit Maor, Head of Collaborative Learning in the ICT department, opened the Conference and welcomed all the guests. Opening words were said by Ambassador Peleg Lewi - Director of Training Department of MASHAV, and by Yudith Rosenthal, Director of the METC (Ofri Center).  



One of the Main Goals of the Conference was to share and show how did the project worked during the past year. Following this idea, we had a couple of presentations that shared the experience from different sides:

Ariel Cegla, Training Development Officer of the METC center who leaded this project, open presenting a summarizing video that show the variety of experiences and interactions that occurred during the project between 50 schools in Israel & abroad.

In Order to share the experience from the first hand, we asked a few Teachers that leaded this collaboration in their schools, to speak about their experiences.

From Israel, we had Shosh Shertov and Mirela Bakal from Nitzanim School in Ramat Gan that shared their student's great learning process together with the students at Makini School, from Nairobi - Kenya; we also had a presentation of Vered Ben Dor from Atid School In Ramat Gan that shared her and her students experience as a teacher in the project.  


Since we could not bring all the teachers from abroad to Israel to participate at the Conference, we asked two of them to be our virtual guests: The first was Kshama Thomas from Wilson College School in Mumbai, she took a video of herself speaking about the project and the experience from her point of view and shared her great thoughts.


Our Second guest was Irina Kurianovych, from Sloviansk Comprehensive School №16, Ukraine. In order to expose the guests in the Conference to the digital tools that are used during the learning project, we decided to have a Skype Call with Irina. At the Skype call Irina was able to see all the Participants in the room and she spoke with them all about the experience her students had and abbot the way she sees the importance of the project. 


At The end of the conference, Participants of MASHAV Courses together with Israeli teaches, had discussion circles where they discussed the place and importance of technology today- and in the future.                    

We want to thank so much everyone who took part at this Conference: to all the representatives from MASHAV & Ministry of Education; to the teachers from Israel and abroad that took part on this initiative and make it a reality; to the MASHAV courses participants and to the great team behind the scenes, that leaded and coordinated this initiative: Amalia Appel & Ronit Maor from the Ministry of Education; and Ariel Cegla & Sara Yisrael from the Mashav Educational Training Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We Hope to see you again next year, and we look forward on working in the Collaborative Learning in the upcoming year!


Sara Yisrael

Virtual project coordinator

The Aharon Ofri MASHAV International Educational Training Center - Jerusalem